Owner Managed Businesses

Miclor Financial Services understands the unique needs of owner-managers. We know you don’t always have a dividing line between your business and personal affairs. The Miclor Financial Services team can show you how you to balance your corporate and personal tax to ensure you pay the least amount possible.

To reduce your tax expenses, we review a range of key business elements such as:

  • Whether your remuneration strategy maximizes the use of the small business deduction while minimizing your personal tax.
  • Whether your business assets are at risk or you have established a creditor-proof structure that is also tax effective.
  • Whether you have formalized a plan for the sale or transfer of your business that will allow you full use of your capital gains exemption.

By evaluating these and other elements, we can develop the best possible tax plan for you. Our plans are strategic and adaptable. They aim to meet your personal needs and those of a growing business.

Corporate Taxation

At Miclor Financial Services we know that minimizing corporate tax is a top priority for business owners. Achieving this goal depends on expert planning. From corporate structure to executive remuneration to intercompany transactions, our staff will review all facets of your business to ensure you pay the least amount of income tax possible. We will also work with you to minimize your capital and payroll taxes, so you can allocate those funds to grow your business or meet other corporate objectives.