Miclor Financial Services provides “full spectrum bookkeeping services”, including payroll, government remittances, GST calculations, tailored to each client needs.

Accounting – in order for the owner-managed business to understand where his business is today and where it is going tomorrow, Miclor Financial Services provides valuable financial information and advice. We provide the type of information needed to make good business decisions. Our business is to understand your business.

Family and Business Tax Planning – for a small business to grow and flourish, the owner-manager has to be made aware of the importance of family monetary expectations on the business. If the business and family expectations are divergent, then the client may face a cash shortage in the requirement to service the business.

Financial Statements and Corporate Income Tax Returns – our firm prepares your corporation’s financial statements professionally and complies with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency’s guidelines when preparing your corporate income tax.

Personal Income Tax Returns – our professionals meet with you and prepare your income taxes making sure that you understand exactly what deductions are available to you, as well as what deductions can be used now and in the future. That way, you are educated and become aware of your requirements. Personal Tax Questionnaire

Computer Setup – our professionals are able to set up your computer with the most common accounting software package available to suit your needs. Training, support, and follow-up are provided to get you started on your own.